How am I?

In today's world of physical and mental health all sorts of initiatives are being invented and promoted, the “R U OK?” movement is just one of many, which no doubt benefits society as a whole but misses out on the big and hard question:

‘AM I OK?’

With this question ’I’ should not be mistaken for things like; personality, job title or place in family (which are essential to make a living and generally contribute to society) but more the subtle sense of ‘I’; how am I breathing, moving and interacting?

Most of us are aware that there is more to us than just the physical body, which is why the selling of mindfulness apps and courses are now big business. How many times have you heard about listening to some external sound to help you sleep at night or an alarm that reminds you to be mindful? This is all just stimulation. The real internal subtleties can only be explored by resting, fixing the mind on one point and noticing what is distracting the mind from the task in hand, or current experience. When this is revealed action can be taken to reduce unnecessary suffering.

This is where the role of Ayurveda and Yoga become apparent. These two ways of life teach awareness and knowledge: knowing what food, drink and actions works well for your constitution, the breaking of habits and patterns that are not serving you well in movement, breath and interactions are the key tools to reaching this awareness. If we take the example of how most of us begin our days; get out of bed, toilet, shower, have breakfast on the run (if at all), while using a screen to determine our day - these habits form over time to become what we perceive to be our reality. Using Ayurveda and Yoga as a therapy, it becomes clear that most of us need time to slow down, to taste food and to be still. This clears the dirty windscreen, so to speak, and allows us to see the road in a more clear fashion. This process is a slow one and should not be rushed, short courses and apps will give temporary benefits but will in time fade and the old habits will reappear with a vengeance.

There is a great story about a very wise man who was asked: What does an enlightened human being do? To which he answered “I eat and I sleep”. The person asking the question said “I am not satisfied with that answer as everyone eats and sleeps”. The wise man answered “this is true but the difference is when I eat, I eat and when I sleep, I sleep”. Ayurveda and Yoga through recognition of the role of the mind, body and spirit can help bring you to this awareness.

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