The role of trust in injuries

Wherever we turn today, there are numerous therapies for pain relief, many good and effective, some not so. The majority of them are dependent on receiving relief from someone (healer, practitioner) or something (medication, manipulation, etc.), which maybe necessary, but to have long term benefits it is essential that the hard work is completed by the individual themselves.

Let me tell you through my own lived experience why I believe in the individual finding their own healing.

Over twenty years ago I had severe spinal injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident. My life was a circle of consistent neck pain, restricted movement and massive FEAR. The fear and attitude that I had developed towards my neck in particular caused involuntary tenseness of muscles that restricted movement and unbeknownst to me was hampering my recovery even further. This was the realisation I came to many years later through the patient teachings of my Yoga Teacher and Mentor Peter Mulholland.

Coming to this realisation was the start of many years of learning to relax, trust my neck, feeling what ‘it’ wanted to do and me ‘allowing’ my neck to be comfortable. This work was particularly chal-lenging in my everyday work as an Electrician but noticing how much tension I held in my neck when using a drill, getting in lofts and even driving my car was the first step. The images of the asanas (yoga postures) above are to demonstrate just how much fear has been released. This did not happen overnight and the mental anguish that I experienced was difficult but it brought me to the realisation that releasing the physical tension releases the mental tension (and visa versa). Using Yoga and Ayurveda as a therapy, I witness this scenario quite often but when an individual has faith and patience, this connection becomes obvious and true mental and physical healing begins. It is important that you find a teacher/practitioner who can guide you at a pace established for your personal healing. This may involve months/ years of what may appear as boring movements/ processes but that is how awareness builds and changes the individual themselves and their interactions with others. Relaxation, awareness, stability, flexibility (in this order) is the motto of healing at Sadhana Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.