Testimonials from Ayurvedic Workshop

The workshop was aimed at tapping into the bodies own natural intelligence and becoming aware of how the food feels passed the lips and tongue, Ayurveda recognises food as medicine as well as an energy source. Many of us get caught up in the potassium, protein, carbohydrate arguments (which are not to be dismissed) but understanding food from a more holistic view, what does this food do to my mental, physical state?, Is it nourishing or does it just fill a gap?. All of these questions are answered when we pay close attention to the food we eat.


"Damian is an excellent facilitator who endeavours to teach in a very approachable and engaging way. I took away from the workshop a handful of recipes that I feel was displayed by Damian in a simple way that I could recognise myself practising within my own kitchen. Too often these workshops I walk away from feeling I wont do any of these things, but with Damian's I went home and that week was already making the foods he taught. Being able to taste what Damian was making made it a lot more relatable to me as I could instantly connect with the food I was seeing being made. Damian is extremely approachable and always willing to go above and beyond for his pupils; like me who didn't bring along a notepad, Damian was more than happy to send through the recipe."


"I loved the simple, slower preparation approach. Soaking, kneading, building flavour layers and cooking slowly. I appreciate the dishes more and savour the aromas and flavours as they develop on the stovetop. The spices we were using were cool on the palate and nourishing. Loved it all the way!" Tamara


I thought the workshop was really informative & made me take notice of the distinct taste of each food. The food was very filling as well. Ariella


"Damien's Ayurvedic workshop was practical and informative. I learned to pay closer attention to the affect food has on my body after I have swallowed it. I also learned some new recipes and tips for eating to better support my digestive system. Thanks Damien." Shona