Relax and Restore

Relax and Restore, why? If we look at the role of the mind in our everyday lives and how it is always active, when we are in one place we are thinking about what we are going to do next and when we get t there we most likely think about where we were but not being present in either place. It is fair to say that most of us experience this but many are not aware that it is happening. The bodies own natural intelligence knocks us out once over a 24 hr period (sleep) which allows the body to repair itself or go to the workshop so to speak, this is the time that the mind is inactive. However for most of us this time is shortened by the overactivity and stimulation of the mind before bed. This makes the deep sleep required become lighter and on waking there is a feeling of heaviness and lethargy making us reach for stimulants which enable the mind and sense of I to become dominant all over again. This is also the case with many people who practice yoga, which lets not forget, is all about ceasing the distractions in the mind, ego and intelligence. Yet how many times at the beginning of a yoga class when you are required to be silent, relax and calm the breath does the mind wander away and wonders when the teacher will begin the movements, “what poses will we do, I hope we do this one I am awesome at that, I hope we don't do this one” and so on. So by being still in a relaxed position where the body doesn't have to move one can pay attention to the distractions in the mind, the sense of I and feel the effect that it has on the breath, skin and gain control of the senses. If these words make any sense to you , please feel welcome to come along and experience a class and begin to understand that Relax and restore is the advanced yoga.