Class Information

  • Beginners  - Beginners classes are available as a 6-week course. This Beginners Course must be completed before attending any other classes at Sadhana.
    Please call to enquire or check our Facebook page to find when the next Beginners course is available.

  • Relax and Restore - This is a 1-hour relaxation class every Friday evening. No previous yoga experience is necessary and all are welcome to attend.

  • Worrier to Warrior – This is a continuing Yoga course for students who have completed the 6 week Beginners Course. See timetable for class times.

  • Ayurvedic Consultation available through appointment. 

  • Ayurvedic Therapies available AFTER consultation.

  • Wellness Class - 10 week course starting on Feb 6


All classes require prerequisite of foundation/beginners with the
exception of Friday relax and restore which is open to the general public but it is advised to book as classes are limited to 9

Worrier to Warrior - must complete 6 week beginners course to attend

Beginner 6 week course - book online or call.

Relax and Restore - casual booking available

Wellness Course - an introduction to Yoga and Ayurveda

Many people have a vision in their mind of a pony-tailed man in lycra with his leg behind his head, a scanty clad female touching the back of her head against her heels or a bald headed person in an orange robe chanting - and they tell themselves “I can't do that, I wish I could do that, I don't want to do that”. This was certainly true in my case.

Yoga can be all or none of these things depending on how far you want to take it. Touching your heels with the back of your head is of no use if you can't get out of your chair without grunting or tensing up your shoulders. Getting your leg behind your head is of no use if you need to see a chiropractor or are on painkillers. Wearing an orange robe and chanting is a waste of time if you still suffer from a mental illness.

So at Sadhana the focus is functional: how we stand, sit, lie, twist, breathe. Can we make improvements in our awareness (not to be confused with mindfulness) in our everyday lives. It is the belief at Sadhana that small classes gives everyone a good chance of getting attention and also having to do a six week beginners will give you a good foundation if you want to take your practice further.

My teacher always says that these days everyone wants to be a Professor of English but they don't want to learn the alphabet. This six week course is the 'alphabet', we will talk about the philosophy and how it applies to our everyday life, how we move, relate to others, eat and sleep.

The advantage is that everyone will be at the same level so there wont be anything asked of you that will be unrealistic and we will progress together each week. Questions are welcomed and home training will be encouraged and desirable.

After the 6 week course? 

After the 6 week course is finished, we move onto the “worrier to warrior” sequence. This course is only available to students once the 6 week beginner course is completed and the teacher feels you are competent for the next level. This is aimed at looking a little closer at the systems of the human body. It is also aimed at building strength and improving blood flow in the legs, preserving energy so as to use it where it is needed. There is a saying that "it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees".

This sequence is like putting words together from the alphabet (6 week beginners course). It is not the teachers job to show someone how to perform a posture - it is better when the student feels like they have discovered it themselves.

What is learned about the philosophy of Yoga in the beginners course will become apparent in this sequence as there will be a focus on stability, strength and flexibility of both mind and body.

** All classes require prerequisite of foundation/beginners with the exception of Friday relax and restore which is open to the general public but it is advised to book as classes are limited to 9.


6 week course - what to expect


Worrier to Warrior